hai! welcome to The Lion King Fanon wiki!


here you are welcome! write stories, read stories for others and comments, chat with the users, draw and more! obviously you must read the rules for do that all going good^^


  1. Do not ask for power if u are unable to
  2. Prohibited cyber-bullying
  3. Are banned insults about tastes, lifestyle choices, character and uniqueness of a person (includes so that it is not allowed racism, insult homosexuals etc ...)
  4. Prohibited spam
  5. There shall be no criticism of the stories, ocs, etc.
  6. Prohibited sex and intimate things
  7. No caps unless it's acceptable
  8. If you speak a different language then ask an admin for translation
  9. Don't steal art, stories or ocs
  10. Asks permission to use the Ocs that aren’t yours
  11. You mustn't participate to have power, you can stay if you do this for fun
  12. No deal with issues of money etc..
  13. Ask permission to edit the pages not your
  14. Don’t lie to any users
  15. Don’t insist
  16. No instigating other users
  17. This wiki is only to be in harmony, if we fight you need to keep your cool and resolve them quickly
  18. Not involve people who do not have to do with threads
  19. If you have no power here, you can not pushed around
  20. If you do not want problems respect the rules as we respect here and elsewhere
  21. If you need to discuss something big and serious .. ask permission to do so currently. There are users who do not want to listen to the problems:
  1. If there is a problem, talk about it with the administrators, we are here to help, it is our job!!!
  2. If you don't like "The Lion King", don't put rude comments or saying mean thing about it.


These are the people who have power on the wiki.

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These are the people that have control of the wiki.

Username Current Status Admin Since Joined the wiki
Aurychase Retired July 26, 2015-August 2019 July 26, 2015
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